Stress Management & Wellbeing, Training & Consultancy Services in Birmingham

Services by TECC
Services by TECC
Services by TECC

Welcome to TECC’s Stress Management & Wellbeing, Training & Consultancy Services  ~ Birmingham


TECC Services provide stress management, training, programmes and workshops to meet the needs of children, young people, parents/carers, individuals, groups and organisations. How many of us as adults are aware of the effects of stress, yet continue to go through our life unaware day to day with many of the signs and symptoms alone, without support or information? This is one of the reasons why we at TECC Services have focused on the development and delivery of specific programmes. We take every step with you to ensure you are able to maintain your new skills and access them for yourself in the future.

As a member of both the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) our training, workshops, programmes and consultation services are individually tailored to ensure the needs of the individual, group or organisation are met fully and provided by qualified staff/therapists in full compliance of HSE guidelines at our Centre in Birmingham. We include all resources, information and media inclusively.

Current programmes, training and workshops we offer either at our centre or on site include:

For individuals
  • Individual Stress Management & Wellbeing Training 1hr per week for 8 Weeks
  • De-stress Toolbox ~ Parents & Carers Stress Management & Wellbeing Programme for 8 weeks
  • Resilience Bridge Children & Young People for 1hr per week for 6 weeks
Training & CPD
  • Stress Management & Wellbeing Awareness - 1 day Workshop
  • Access to Resilience Bridge ~ for those caring for children and or young people in a professional capacity - 1 day
  • Access to De-stress Toolbox for those working with parents and carers in a professional capacity - 1 day
For Groups 
  • Group Stress Management Programme 1.5hrs per week for 8 Weeks
  • Resilience Bridge  ~ for Children & Young People - 1hr per week for 6 weeks
  • De-stress Toolbox ~ for Parents & Carers Programme - 1.5hrs per week for 8 weeks

Organisational Stress Management Training & Consultancy Services
  • Stress Management & Wellbeing Awareness for Employees - 1 day
  • Stress Management & Wellbeing For Managers in the Workplace - 1 & 2 day
  • Stress Management & Wellbeing Training Course (including Supervisor Support) For Designated Health & Safety Officers/Personnel in the Workplace - 1.5hrs per week for 10 weeks with 1.5hrs per week additional home-study
  • Employment Assistance Programme For Organisations (Please refer to our EAP section under counselling services)

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