Working In Residential Care in Birmingham

 TECC's Working in Residential Care for Looked After Children & Young People
(1 day)

Our training day in Birmingham is for those working in a residential setting for looked after children and young people will enable delegates to understand and identify a child/young person's key emotional needs. We explore how the proactive engagement, along with the ability to recognise and overcome potential barriers to relating to a child/young person can be addressed.

Additionally delegates will have the opportunity to understand and demonstrate key theoretical practices, which promote positive observational skills and professional interpretations. Delegates will consider the principles of self-reflection and demonstrate their ability to communicate empathically.

Our training also includes:

  • Legislation and regulation
  • Practical and effective suggestions to meet the needs of children and young people
  • Attachment and nurturing
  • Significance of a positive ethos and how this can be achieved and maintained
  • Utilising skills and attributes within the staff team
  • Communication skills
  • Team building
  • Research
  • Promoting confidence and building personal resilience
  • Difference and diversity
  • Maintaining placements
  • Case studies and scenarios
  • Creative strategies and interventions
  • Collaborative working
  • Personal and professional development
The conclusion of the training aims to promote and encourage those working in a residential setting to reflect further and raise awareness of the issues involved and how they affect a child or young person. We explore practical ways which will actively enable those in care to experience a sense of security and stability. Delegates will acknowledge the importance of facilitating opportunitites for children to formulate safe, secure attachments/relationships in an environment which is conducive to a child/young persons stages of development. Delegates will empathise and comprehend the significance of providing a foundation from which children/young people build resilience, self esteem and develop a sense of belonging and positive wellbeing.

The training is provided in a friendly, informative and supportive environment at our centre in Birmingham, alternatively it can be provided at a location for your convenience. The written activities and practical creative exercises provide consistent opportunities to promote confidence and competence, enabling the training to be evaluated and evidenced. TECC provides regular booster sessions and support in relation to sustaining performance through developing personal resilience and further understanding in relation to caring for a looked after child. Delegates will receive detailed literature and additional resources to further support and promote personal and professional development.

Additional support in relation to policy and procedure can be provided upon request for companies and organisations.