Managerial Supervision in Birmingham

                      Welcome to TECC's Managerial Supervision Overview

TECC Services provides managerial supervision and has a range of supervisory and management services for those working in health, social care, mental health, local authority and probationary sectors.

TECC provides managerial supervision at our Centre in Birmingham for:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team leaders
  • Personnel in a position of responsibility for managing staff, performance and standards in the work place


  • Provide an open and supportive workplace climate
  • Reinforce roles and responsibilities and standards of care and behaviour
  • Awareness of ethical and professional standards
  • Identification of professional strengths and areas for development
  • Encourage and enable learning and development of new and improved working practices

And where appropriate:

  • Personal and professional functioning
  • Engagement with the supervision process
  • Reporting to external authorities
  • Discuss individual cases/group work in depth
  • Review implementation of best practice/clinical guidelines
  • Gain support and feedback on clinical performance and service user outcomes


Managerial supervision is part of a whole system approach and is a two way interactive process, which enables supervisees to be in a position to do their job efficiently and effectively. TECC’s managerial supervision is based primarily on the Kadushin Model; however, TECC has integrated additional modalities in order to provide a point scale of systematic evidence, which clearly demonstrates ethical, professional, moral, legal and safe supervision practice.

  • Sessions are facilitative, interactive and supportive
  • Sessions provide a space for “thinking,” gaining insight and creativity
  • Supervisees are empowered by clear, constructive feedback
  • Professional boundaries are adhered to


Before commencing supervision, a contract is discussed and negotiated. This contract can be less or more formal according to the individual, group or organisational needs.

If you are interested in our supervisory services please do not hesitate to contact us. You will be offered a free consultation appointment to discuss your requirements and experience our approach to supervision, enabling you to make an informed decision.

TECC provides extensive literature, resources and media to supervisees and delegates as part of our work, which relates to our inclusive practice policy.  

In addition to clinical supervision we provide training and workshops for supervisees and practising supervisors in either a managerial or clinical setting at our Centre in Birmingham. Please see our training sections for more information and forthcoming options in relation to supervision and continuing professional development.