Lone Working Awareness in Birmingham - 1/2 Day

                             Welcome to TECC's Lone Working Awareness Workshop

TECC Services provides a half-day workshop in Birmingham for anyone who as part of their job role works alone, including those working in the health, social and mental health care sectors, outreach team workers, and those working in isolation for significant periods of time.

Lone workers should not be put at more risk than other employees. Establishing a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers can be different from organising the health and safety of other employees, therefore it is important to consider the safe working arrangements required in context to the workplace. Risk assessments are expected to safeguard employees both personally and professionally. 

We will explore:

  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Health and safety law and regulations
  • Lone working practice and guidelines
  • Precautionary measures
  • Risk assessing
  • Benefits and pit falls of working alone
  • Psychological impact and potential health related issues
  • Strategies and intervention for personal and professional use
  • Supervision/training
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Upon completion of the workshop employers and employees will be aware of health and safety law, regulations and guidelines in relation to lone working. Standard safeguarding and precautionary measures necessary to implement in the workplace will be explored, facilitating opportunites during the training to discuss and formulate appropriate risk assessments applicable to the workplace.

The training is provided in a friendly, informative and supportive environment at our centre in Birmingham. The written activities and practical exercises provide consistent opportunities to promote confidence and competence, enabling the training to be evaluated and evidenced. Concepts in relation to lone working, including strategies and interventions will promote safe, positive practice, which will support individuals both personally and professionally. Delegates will receive detailed literature and additional resources to further support and promote learning. 

Additional support in relation to policy and procedures can be provided upon request for companies and organisations