Life Story Work in Birmingham

                                          Welcome to TECC's Life Story Work 

TECC currently provides life story work in Birmingham for:

  • Individuals and groups
  • Looked after children in care
  • Adults

Individual or group life story work

TECC Services in Birmingham provides life story work for individuals, including children and young people; those adopted or looked after in care and adults who wish to complete a retrospective life story for either themselves or a significant other. We are passionate and extremely committed to our work in this area, which can also be provided as an adjunct to our counselling services or as a stand-alone process. We are mindfully aware of the importance and associated benefits life story work can have on an individual’s life, those caring for them and organisations. We also acknowledge our privileged position to be able to assist in the co-creation of something, which is unique, personal and sometimes difficult to contextualise. Our life story work is carried out by fully qualified therapists at our Centre in Birmingham who will provide therapeutic support throughout the time to ensure the child/young person/adult is fully supported and aware they have control over their creation at all times. 

 Life story work in the looked after children sector 


Life story work within the looked after children sector is an integral part of working with a looked after child and is expected to be produced in order to ensure a young person, separated from their natural birth families or those leaving the care system have a record of their events and experiences. By producing life story work a child or young person is able to gain a sense of identity, who they are, where they have come from, why they were in care and all their experiences and memories, good and bad. Validating a young persons life story is a therapeutic intervention, which can promote emotional and physical wellbeing. Children and young people have said "my life does matter, I have something to prove it”, "this is who I am, I am not just a looked after kid in care". These are powerful, emotional statements and it is not until we are able to comprehend the depth of meaning do we begin to gain insight and a deeper understanding of what and how differences can be made to a child or young person.

Life story training, workshops and booster sessions   

TECC Services regularly holds training and workshops at our Centre in Birmingham, enabling parents/carers and staff to gain a deeper level of understanding and insight into life story work, which can improve communication and ensures the life of those they care for, support or work with is not only understood, but acknowledged and valued. We have found the therapeutic benefits of life story work with children and young people; including children and young people in the looked after children sector and accommodated in residential settings to be a process, which has significant benefits, not only for the individual, but for the parent/carer, staff and service providers.

Additional to our training we regularly provide supervisory support services for either candidates or staff who wish to use life story work as part of their job role. Booster sessions and supervision provides the opportunity to learn new creative methods to conduct life story work and also enables individuals to network and gain further support, which will benefit their work. Our services are held at our Centre in Birmingham, which is an environment conducive to completing life story work; alternatively we can provide services on site.

Life story work can be produced in numerous ways including;

  • Life Story Book
  • Collage 
  • Scrapbook
  • Interactive CD/DVD

Digital copies are stored securely and in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you are interested in any of the services provided please do not hesitate to contact Donna James.