Individual Stress Management in Birmingham

                      Welcome to TECC's Individual Stress Managment & Wellbeing Section

Below you will find details of our current programmes for individuals, including training and workshops we offer either at our Centre in Birmingham or on site:
  • Children & Young People Programme Resilience Bridge 1hr per week for 6 weeks
  • Parents & Carers Stress Management & Wellbeing Programme De-stress Toolbox for 8 weeks
  • Individual Stress Management & Wellbeing Training 1hr per week for 8 Weeks

Resilience Bridge for Children & Young People

Our 6 week therapeutic Resilience Bridge Programme has been specifically developed for children and young people. Our programme is bright, engaging, active, fun and full of opportunities to learn new ways to manage thoughts and feelings, which often become visible in children’s/young peoples behaviour and attitude. Promoting wellbeing and building resilience is key, as we believe by doing so a child/young person will be able to develop healthy independence, improve self-esteem and become more empathic. Children and young people are taught in a way, which does not give the impression of formal learning, however, their knowledge and practical application of stress management interventions and skills will become apparent. Children often demonstrate to grown ups and friends their new, fun skills as they begin to recognise the signs and behavioural changes in adults.

You may hear them tell you to breathe, count to 10 or turn to spaghetti! Children are not educated in stress management and will often experience stress related behaviours when they or no one else can understand what is happening. No one is able to hear, no one stops and considers, is the child feeling stressed? It is often said that children have nothing to be stressed about, we beg to differ, with the every day pressures in this current climate stress is becoming more and more apparent. If you would like further information on our fun stress management Resilience Bridge Programme for children and young people, please do not hesitate to contact our Centre in Birmingham. Our programme can be provided for individuals or small groups.

De-stress Toolbox For Parents/Carers

Our 8 week therapeutic De-stress Toolbox Programme actively supports parents and carers to manage stress associated with caring for children and or young people. Our programme can be delivered individually or within a group setting. Often we hear phrases such as, I could pull my hair out, they are naughty, they just won’t stop, the children of today. We at TECC recognise this can be very challenging, especially when your own levels of stress are impacting upon you. You begin to lose patience, you find yourself shouting easily, you feel upset, exhausted, inadequate, worn out. Stress management for parents/carers is a supportive, therapeutic programme, where you will be actively encouraged to explore and learn how you can build a secure base to care from; one that will sustain the ups and downs and endless tasks you endure on a daily basis. Who ever said parenting/caring wasn’t stressful I think were telling untruths. De-stress toolbox will provide you with a resource bank of skills and techniques,or a parenting toolbox as we like to call it! These interventions will minimise or stop you losing control or becoming emotionally overloaded and stressed.

Children in your care will become aware of changes over the series of weeks, they will then begin to see and have the opportunity to learn from you. Your immediate emotional reaction will be better understood and regulated, equipping you therefore to deal with situations as they arise, in a more constructive manner. This will enable you to  remain in control not only of your emotions, but also in control of your reactions to stressful or challenging situations. We are conditioned to respond in a certain way, which we hope at TECC will enlighten you, enthuse you and enable those you care for to learn from you in the future. Children and young people often develop similar coping strategies so if getting stressed, reacting in a inappropriate manner is something you would like to manage, the children and young people will learn to mange too.

If you would like to join us on one of our programmes or even know a group who would like to join us, please do not hesitate to contact us at our Centre in Birmingham. Our programmes can be provided at our centre or on site and includes lots of free resources, including: laughter, coping strategies and techniques, that you can take with you in your role as a parent/carer.


Our individual stress management training and therapeutic support, is set over 1 hour per week for 8 weeks. We believe it is fundamental for anyone to be able to access our stress management course. The course will enable  you to have the opportunity to gain a level of understanding about stress and the associated health implications, whilst relearning new skills to regulate stress levels in the future. Individuals seeking our services may have recognised the symptoms themselves or visited their GP, who has informed them of physical aliments being contributed to due to stress. 

During the 8 weeks you will be introduced to strategies and interventions that are proven to have a positive impact on stress. These include, breathing techniques, muscle relaxation, body scanning and psycho-education. The sessions are informative and practical, you will be encouraged to practice the new skills and participate in practical home-study for the duration of the programme. This will enable you to record and evaluate your on-going progress. The programme is structured so you are able to access support whilst addressing your concerns and needs. Qualified therapists who are mindfully aware of ensuring your progress is paced in accordance with you and your needs conduct stress management. We take every step with you to ensure you are able to maintain your new skills and access them for yourself in the future.

If you are interested in any of our services, please do not hesitate to contact Donna James at our Centre in Birmingham.