Food Safety & Hygiene in Birmingham

Food Safety & Hygiene Training in Birmingham

Our Food Safety & Hygiene course is for anyone handling food and drink within their job role, or the management of such people; regulations require anyone involved in food handling must be appropriately trained in food safety. Our training is in line with the Food Standards Agency and guidelines prescribed by Food Standards Act 1999, National Minimum Standards and EU Regulation 852/2004 Hygiene for Foodstuffs requires food business to ensure any staff handling food are supervised, instructed and trained in Food Safety & Hygiene in a way that is appropriate to the work they do.

Our training covers:
  • Statistics
  • Food Bourne Illness
  • Legal Compliance
  • Food Safety Hazards & Contamination
  • Bacterial & Biological Hazards
  • Reducing the Risk of Illness
  • Food Storage, Preservation & Temperature Controls
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Hygienic Premises & Equipment
  • Cleaning & Disinfection
  • Premises & Equipment
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • Risk Assessment

Our training ensures delegates leave with awareness of:

  • Role and responsibilities in relation to food safety and hygiene practices
  • Relevant legislation
  • Recognise different food safety hazards and contamination
  • List appropriate legislation in relation to Food Storage, Preservation & Temperature Controls
  • HACCP guidance and practice
  • Describe appropriate relevant safer food, better practice associated with accurate recording

The training is provided in a friendly, informative and supportive environment at our centre in Birmingham, enabling delegates to gain a deeper level of understanding in relation to food safety, hygiene legislation and regulation. Practical exercises, creative activities and group discussions promote confidence and competence which encourages positive practice and provides the the opportunity to evaluate and evidence the training. 

Delegates complete the training with a written exercise to demonstrate their knowledge and competence and are provided with handouts, a Food Safety book and additional relevant resources. 

Additional support in relation to policy and procedures can be provided upon request.