Employee Assistance Programme in Birmingham

Welcome to TECC's Employee Assistance Programmes

TECC provides employers with a reliable way for employees to access services, including:

  • Stress management and wellbeing
  • Counselling
  • Supervision
  • Training and workshops
  • Crisis intervention and debriefing.
Organisational responsibility to the occupational health of employees has increased, encouraging organisations to recognise the commercial impact of employee assistance programmes and services: by addressing and minimising the impact of personal issues an employee may encounter, such as stress, debt or bereavement. Organisations can significantly reduce the negative impact such issues may have, not only to the employee, but in relation to efficiency, absenteeism, sickness and productivity.

In order to access TECC's EAP Services in Birmingham, we have a range of options tailored to meet the needs of the company/organisation by demonstrating our ethos of inclusive access to services by offering membership graded, Level A, B and C.

Level A - For smaller companies wishing to implement our services on a need to basis which can be incorporated into your existing Health & Safety policy, enabling you to demonstrate your intention and agreement to provide and address health related issues in the workplace. For membership and to include us in your policy there is an annual membership fee, which includes our newsletter and customer support and guidance.

Level B - for small to medium companies we provide in addition to Level A, a full days training or two half day workshops in an area related to promoting the wellbeing of your employees. This can be related to our stress management and wellbeing services or social care sector training, which again offers workshops and training to meet the needs of your employees as part of your package.

Level C - for small, medium or large businesses, or those who have recognised the need for EAP services we offer in addition to Level B, discounted prepaid hours for employees to access one to one support. We have two options for you to choose in this section in relation to prepaid hours.

For membership and enquires to any of our Employee Assistance related programmes and services based in Birmingham, please do not hesitate to contact where we will be happy to discuss your requirements without any obligation.