Developing Effective Supervision in Birmingham - 1 day

Welcome to TECC's Developing Effective Supervision Training

 Health, Social Care & Mental Health Supervisors 

The training is for those currently either a clinical or managerial supervisor within their job role and aims to build upon current knowledge, demonstrate and reflect upon the positive qualities and attributes a supervisor requires to actively engage and maintain the supervisory alliance.

Our training in Birmingham includes:
  • Barriers to supervision practice
  • Self awareness
  • Introduction to reflective practice
  • Professional responsibility and accountability identify areas
  • Data Protection, confidentiality and the law
  • Identify best practice and models of supervision
  • Legislation, regulation and guidelines
  • Ethics and moral guidelines
  • Documentation relating to supervision theory and practice
  • Creative approach to supervising supervisees
  • Accurate recording and reporting procedures
  • Supervisor skills practice and activities
  • Demonstrate key elementsin relation to personal performance and practical
The training is provided in a friendly, informative and supportive environment at our centre in Birmingham. The written activities and practical creative exercises provide consistent opportunities to promote confidence and competence, enabling the training to be evaluated and evidenced.

TECC provides regular booster sessions and group supervision practice in relation to our developing effective supervision training. Delegates will receive detailed literature and additional resources to further support and promote the effective use of supervision. Additional support in relation to policy and procedure can be provided upon request for companies and organisations.