Dignity In Care in Birmingham - 1/2 day

Welcome to TECC's Dignity in Care Training 

TECC Services provides a half-day course in Birmingham for those at any level who provide care for older adults and would like to develop additional skills to improve the dignity and integrity of those they are caring for. 

We explore:

  • Concepts associated with dignity
  • Context of dignity in care campaign
  • Barriers to providing dignity in care
  • Dignity challenge
  • Self support
  • Work/life balance

The training will enable delegates to gain confidence and competence within their role as carer of an older adult. Delegates will recieve resources, strategies and interventions to minimise or resolve the loss of dignity related issues. Delegates will be aware of the importance assoicated with promoting independence and facilitating the maintanence of functioning, in line with current legislation and regulations related to the Care Quality Commission, National Minimum Standards, Department for Health, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence.

The training is provided in a friendly, informative and supportive environment at our centre in Birmingham. The written activities and practical exercises provide consistent opportunities to promote confidence and competence, enabling the training to be evaluated and evidenced. Delegates will receive detailed literature and additional resources to further support and promote learning.

Additional support in relation to policy and procedure can be provided upon request for companies and organisations.