Child Counselling 5 - 11 Year Olds in Birmingham

Welcome to TECC's Child Counselling 

TECC Services offers specialised counselling to children aged 5 – 11 years in Birmingham by experienced qualified staff in an environment, which is warm, relaxed, bright and safe.

Counselling for children is similar to adult counselling; both depend strongly on the construction of a trusting relationship between counsellor and client.  The child is able to tell his or her own story without fear of judgement or interrogation, in a contained, safe, reassuring atmosphere.  Our work is often non-directive. This means that we don’t lead the session or set the agenda, we let the child take the lead and accept whatever they bring to us in each session and work with that.

Play has been viewed for hundreds of years as the language children use to understand their world. Children are able to demonstrate through their play what they are thinking and how they feel about people and events. Children can often be confused about the realities of their life and experiences; the result of this confusion, upset and uncertainty, is that some children experience distress.  The difficulty is their stage of development, inexperience with feelings, lack of words to express feelings, and their underdeveloped strategies for coping with life stressors. It is with our experience and knowledge of working with children that enables us to begin the counselling process.

We will ensure we find the right therapeutic approach to suit each child, whether it is through counselling or something more creative such as play, art, clay, media or animal assisted therapy. We make it our priority to build a safe and trusting relationship with children at our Centre in Birmingham, so they feel confident exploring their difficulties. We are both aware of and understand the anxiety a parent/carer may experience and hope the initial meeting will provide you with an opportunity to explore your concerns, you will also get to see the play therapy room and its resources and how our approach works.  You will be provided with contact details where at any point you can call and ask questions or gain support.  We have a waiting area where you are welcome to make tea or coffee and know at all times where your child is.

We strongly believe collaborative working between parents/carers, children and counsellors is invaluable. This does not mean we will breach confidentiality, it means you will be able to actively support your child’s therapeutic process, feel included and know that if any concerns are raised you will be informed immediately and also if you have any concerns you are able to do the same.

Children have the opportunity to create a keepsake to take at the end of therapy; this can be a collage, book or supportive toolkit to enable them to feel empowered and valued. We have found this of great value and one that ensures the ending of the therapeutic relationship is managed, enabling the child to leave with the confidence and experienced knowledge that even when things don’t feel or seem right they have the resilience to gain support for themselves and move forward.

Some of the challenges a child may be facing:

  • Bullying
  • Separation/Divorce
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Sibling Rivalry
  • Attachment, Loss, Abandonment
  • Challenging Behaviour
  • Surviving Sexual Abuse
  • Fears/Phobias

We demonstrate accountability for our counselling practice by providing measurable outcomes. YP CORE enables us to measure young peoples level of risk and change in their home and school life, in both terms of behaviour and attitude towards themselves and others. For information about CORE click on the link below.

Core IMS -

Referrals are accepted from private individuals, couples, groups and families, including referrals made by GP’s, Local Authorities, Residential Homes, Psychologists and organisations.

If you believe we could be of support please do not hesitate to contact us at our Centre in Birmingham.