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Case Reporting & Recording

Writing Reports & Record Keeping Training 

Case Reporting & Recording - 1 day

TECC Services, based in Birmingham provides Case Reporting and Recording training at our centre in Birmingham for those employed in a residential setting or working in the care/education sector and are required to compile and maintain accurate records in accordance with current legislation, law and guidelines.

Our case reporting and recording would also benefit those who keep records relating to their client work, such as counsellors or coaches. Recent headlines and researched evidence depict how failures have occurred and substantiate the importance accurate recording plays, including the relation between child/adult safeguarding, assessment of needs, decision making, data performance indicators, legal proceedings and professional ethical and safer practice.

The training covers:

  • Legislation and regulation
  • Current guidance in relation to case reporting and recording
  • Skills to increase confidence and enable delegates to record accurately
  • Understand the difference between factual and professional judgement
  • Clarify the purpose of recording and explore the open recording principle and guidelines
  • Practical exercises to support the structure of records
  • Data protection
  • Framework and methodology for recording which can be used across agencies and links to the current legislation policies
  • Understand the impact on those they are writing about, both in the present and future
  • Policy and procedure related to context of case reporting and recording

Delegates are able to:

  • gain a deeper level of understanding in relation to case reporting and recording
  • list current guidance in relation to completing accurate, timely, factual records 

Practical exercises and group discussions will promote confidence and competence; safeguarding practice to ensure it remains in line with legal and professional principles and aims of case recording systems. 

The training is provided in a friendly, informative and supportive environment at our centre in Birmingham. The written activities and practical exercises provide consistent opportunities to promote confidence and competence and enable the training to be evaluated and evidenced. 

Additional support in relation to policy and procedures can be provided upon request. 


Writing Reports & Record Keeping - 1 day


TECC provides specialised, comprehensive report writing and record keeping training which is designed for individuals, including those in the health and social and mental health care sectors, who as part of their work are required by law to complete a variety of care/work related records, including care plans, care reports, reviews and evaluations.  

Records and reports are important legal documents which ensure the safe delivery of ongoing appropriate care, therefore it is essential the information they contain is of the highest quality and standard at all times, fit for purpose and robust if scrutinised. During the training we focus on improving skills and raising awareness to promote and up level the quality and standard of information that is recorded and to highlight the legal implications of poor report writing and record keeping.

TECC’s development and design of writing reports and record keeping facilitates a positive learning opportunity. Thus, enabling delegates to comprehend the importance of quality recording of information in a timely manner, reflecting both the delivery of care and opportunity to monitor, evaluate and further safeguard and improve services.

The objectives of the training include:

  • Key legislation and the moral implications in relation to report writing, recording and storing of information
  • Awareness of quality records and reports based on historical research
  • Principles and importance of effective and accurate record keeping
  • Reporting techniques and strategies to maintain high standards of records and reports
  • Reporting writing in context to care plans and the impact on individuals, organisations and provision of future care
  • Key principles of reports and records
  • Identify key issues relating to quality information, management standards and supervision 
  • Gain constructive feedback and additional learning opportunities

TECC’s course provides an opportunity to build upon an individual’s current knowledge base by exploring principle aspects of information processing. Prior to the training individuals will be encouraged to complete a learning activity in order to take the opportunity to gain additional support and guidance throughout the day. 

Upon completion of the training delegates will have had the opportunity to participate in individual and group activities which actively provide precursors to writing effective, accurate reports and records. Delegate will be aware of and able to demonstrate knowledge and identify key legislation. 

The training is provided at our centre in Birmingham which is a welcoming, supportive environment. Delegates are able to gain a deeper level of understanding in relation to writing reports and record keeping. Delegates will also be able to list current guidance assoicated with completing accurate, timely, factual records.

Practical exercises and group discussions promote confidence and competence, safeguarding practice to ensure it remains in line with legal and professional principles and aims of case recording systems. Written activies and practical exercises provide consistent opportunites to promote confidence and competence, enabling the training to evaluated and evidenced.

Additional support in relation to policy and procedure can be provided upon request, including additional booster sessions and ongoing support if necessary to ensure standards of care, recording and reporting are supported and up to date.