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Services by TECC
Services by TECC
Services by TECC
Services by TECC


Welcome to TECC Services Ltd, where we provide a specialised range of therapeutic and educational services for children, young people, adults, families and organisations at our premises located in Erdington, Birmingham.

We offer a professional and confidential counselling service for:

  • Children aged 5-11
  • Adolescents aged 11-17
  • Adults, Couples & Families
  • Groups
  • Organisations
Counselling is an area we are extremely passionate and committed to and is provided in an environment, which feels safe, offering a compassionate, empathic, non-judgmental space to actually be listened to and understood. We are able to provide alternatives to regular talking therapies by providing creative therapies, such as art, clay and play. We also provide community support groups on a rotational basis, enabling individuals to gain access to services which are available both during the day and in the evening.

Life Story Work & Reminiscence Therapy is an area we are equally committed to, which can be provided as an adjunct to our counselling services or as a stand-alone process for individuals, groups and organisations. We also provide training and workshops in this area, enabling staff/carers to gain a deeper level of understanding and insight into methods of improving communication, ensuring the life of those they care for, support or work with is not only understood, but acknowledged and valued. We have found the therapeutic benefits of life story work and reminiscence therapy in both the looked after children sector and those accommodated in residential settings to be a process, which has significant benefits, not only for the individual, but for the staff and service providers.

TECC Services also provides: managerial and clinical supervision services and training for counsellors, individuals and groups, including those working with children or young people or who require supervisory support either personally or professionally. TECC also provides group supervision on a monthly basis.

TECC provides in addition to counselling and supervision services:

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)   
  • Crisis Intervention & Debriefing
  • Stress Management & Wellbeing, Training & Consultancy Services
  • Accredited First Aid Training
  • Social Care Sector Training
  • Continuing Professional Development, Workshops & Booster sessions
  • Family Support For Early Years
  • Therapeutic C.P.D
  • INSET Workshops for Schools & Organisations

We strongly value our position and pride ourselves in the delivery of HSE Approved & Accredited First Aid Training, not only for adults but also for young people (12+), parents/carers and school staff. We actively encourage those who work alone to consider the benefits of gaining an Accredited First Aid certificate to ensure they work and practice confidently, ethically and safely.
TECC provides mandatory training for: health, social care and mental health sectors, construction industry, education, housing and voluntary sectors. TECC also provides a diverse range of training and CPD to individuals, schools, parents/carers and organisations. Bespoke and flexible packages can be tailored to organisations and schools; our collaborative approach ensures we meet your specific needs and requirements.

In addition TECC Services provides Stress Management & Wellbeing, training and consultancy services for individuals, groups and organisations and regularly holds workshops and short courses either on site or at an alternative location for your convenience.

TECC Services works in consultation with external agencies and other professionals in order to repond to the ever changing needs of therapy, education, mental health and health and social care. The fundamental success of TECC Services is our commitment to providing services that are accessible, beneficial and value added. We are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure we meet your needs and have the evidence to substantiate this; everyone who deals with us does so enthusiastically and consistently recommends us. Reports and evaluations can be provided upon request for companies and organisations.

Our Centre is a warm welcoming environment, which is easily accessible by public transport and is close to local amenities. We have ample free, safe parking facilities and offer limited evening and weekend appointments, training, group support and supervision to ensure we remain inclusive and accessible which is integral to our equality and diversity policy.

All services and training provided by TECC Services Ltd is fully covered by our Professional Public & Product Liability & Professional Indemnity Insurance.

If you would like to discuss any of our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

We welcome enquiries, comments and feedback. 

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